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General FAQs

  • Who is Aspire Defence?

    Aspire Defence has been set up to deliver Project Allenby/Connaught for the Ministry of Defence. 

    Aspire Defence comprises three related entities:  Aspire Defence Limited (ADL) which is owned by three shareholders, KBR (45%) and by funds managed by Innisfree (37.5%) and InfraRed (17.5%), and holds the contract with the MOD.  ADL also arranged and manages the funding and oversees and manages the two operating companies - Aspire Defence Capital Works which is delivering the eight-year construction programme and Aspire Defence Services Limited which is delivering the raft of services over the 35 years of the contract; both are 50/50 joint ventures between Carillion and KBR.


  • What is Project Allenby/Connaught?

    The project is a PFI contract between the MoD and Aspire Defence. The Project will involve the adoption and management of the existing garrison estates at Aldershot and across Salisbury Plain. As part of this remit, Aspire will provide the necessary design, refurbishment, construction, financing, and integration of new facilities.

    The contract will run for 35 years and seeks to upgrade single living accommodation to the latest 'Z' standards (single rooms with en-suite facilities) to ensure that Service personnel are properly housed, a key requirement of the Strategic Defence Review.

  • What is the Strategic Defence Review?

    Launched on 28 May 1997, the Strategic Defence Review (SDR) set out to determine the future direction of British Defence policy.

  • What locations are included within the project?

    Aspire will operate at Aldershot and on seven sites around Salisbury Plain - Bulford, Tidworth, Perham Down, Ludgershall, Netheravon, Larkhill and Warminster.

  • What does it mean by Z-standard accommodation?

    Z standard is the MoD definition for Single Living Accommodation (SLA) requirement – a single room with en suite facilities – the future standard for all trained personnel.

  • How is Aspire going to improve things?

    Aspire will work with the MoD to enhance the quality of life for Army and civilian staff, their families and the local communities.

    A key goal is the construction of first class, flexible personal living spaces, which fully meet Z standard (single rooms with en-suite facilities). In addition, Aspire will provide a comprehensive range of services to support the day to day running of the garrison.

  • What services are being provided?

    Aspire responsibilities include:

    • Management services
    • Cleaning
    • Estate management services
    • Catering services (provisioning, bar service)
    • Supply and stores management
    • Transport management and equipment support
    • Mess services (including housekeeping service and private room support services)
    • Office services (administrative support, mail)
    • Welfare services and Security services
  • Who will be affected by the work Aspire will undertake?

    The project will provide modern living and working accommodation for some 18,700 military and civilian personnel. This includes 11,500 new and refurbished single room en-suite bedrooms.

  • How will all this help married soldiers and their families?

    We are providing social and sports facilities for the garrison, some inside, some outside and some on the border of the wire. We see these facilities being used by married soldiers and their families and adding to their quality of life.

  • How does this fit in with project SLAM?

    At the Defence Estates (DE) Conference on 14 March 2001, the Secretary of State for Defence announced £1bn of new money to match the existing £1bn of ring-fenced funding to upgrade Single Living accommodation (SLA) over the next 10 years.

    The improvements in England and Wales are being met by Project SLAM which is worth half of the total programme. There are also parallel projects in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Gibraltar, Cyprus and the Falklands. Certain establishments are being improved by wider Private Finance Initiatives or stand alone Prime Contracts, which includes Allenby/Connaught, Devonport, Colchester and HMS Nelson.

  • What is a Private Finance Initiative (PFI)?

    A PFI is a way of funding public sector construction and services contracts. A PFI project is typically one in which the private sector partner, in this case Aspire Defence, invests in assets and facilities that are then provided to the public sector, in this case the MoD/Army.

    PFIs are widely used across the public sector. MoD has PFIs for housing, simulators, vehicles, office accommodation and training establishments.

  • Will the project create any additional opportunities?

    Yes. In order to meet the needs of our customers, it is vital that we recruit and retain the right people. The Work For Us section of our website details all current vacancies in both the Construction and Services areas.

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