Time capsule takes centre stage

29 Apr 13

Time capsule 3

Colonel Paddy Tabor takes the controls to lower the time capsule into the ground

Local press were among the guests invited to watch a time capsule being buried within the grounds of the new Tidworth Garrison Theatre during April that has strict instructions to be opened in fifty years’ time and not before!  Containing items such as Army cap badges, insignia, regimental shields and memorabilia donated from the regiments based at the Garrison it also had documents and photo books from Aspire Defence and the MOD and even the TidNBul Garrison telephone directory.

After former soldier, Josh Campbell from Tidworth-based charity, Help for Heroes, securely padlocked the box, Garrison Commander, Colonel Paddy Tabor, lowered the capsule into the ground using a Cutlass, the latest bomb disposal robot. 

The idea for the time capsule originally came from ADCW’s Senior Construction Manager in charge of the build, Dave Stone.  Dave said, “This is the last new building for the Army at Tidworth under the MOD’s Project Allenby/Connaught and I thought it was a fitting memento for everyone currently based on the Garrison and for those who have been involved with the seven years of construction here.  I’m really grateful to all of the regiments in Tidworth, Bulford and Perham Down who, along with the MOD and ourselves, have contributed to the time capsule.”

Colonel Tabor said, “This new theatre is the culmination of a huge building project that has transformed the lives of soldiers in the Army’s largest Garrison over the last seven years.  The original Tidworth Garrison Theatre has seen so many memorable performances and occasions and is still right at the heart of military and community life.  The new theatre can seat an audience of 700 in The Pickernell Auditorium, named after the family who have looked after its predecessor since its very first day over 100 years ago.  It will also house conference rooms and offices.  The time capsule will provide our successors in 50 years time with a snapshot of who we were and what we were like.  This new Garrison Theatre will be right at the heart of life in this town, used by both the military garrison and the wider community helping to bring all parts of Tidworth society even closer together.”

The construction for the new purpose built theatre started in March 2012 and will be completed with the building handed over to the Army in September 2013. 

Examples of some of the items that have gone into the time capsule:

Time capsule contents - 1Time capsule contents - 2Time capsule contents - 3


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