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In order to do this we are managing and delivering the design, procurement and construction elements of the Project over an eight year programme from a robust, efficient and consistent business environment. We are dedicated to operational delivery teams on the six construction projects, supported by central core teams of designers, procurement specialists, planners and document controllers based at our offices in Aldershot and Tidworth.

A simplified structure of our organisation is show below.

ADCW Organisation Chart

ADCW is an unincorporated Joint Venture and utilises expertise from its two parent companies; KBR and Carillion.

Many employees of ADCW are secondees from the parent companies and bring diverse skills to the business, with considerable overlap and common understanding of what is needed to deliver this high profile and demanding project.

The combination of Carillion’s construction expertise and KBR’s programme management skills are blended in ADCW to provide a seamless process of cooperation and support. The people that work on this project, although having been seconded in by Carillion or KBR, are proud to work for Aspire.

Carillion is one of the UK’s leading support services and construction companies employing around 50,000 people with operations across Great Britain, Europe and Canada, the Middle East, North Africa and the Caribbean. They have a major portfolio of award winning work in areas vital to society: defence, health and education, regeneration, road, rail and commercial property.

KBR operates internationally as a programme and project manager, engineering designer, contractor and facilities manager, in fields ranging from defence to utilities and general infrastructure. The company employs over 50,000 people worldwide in locations that include Australia, Africa, the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and is currently the world’s largest defence services provider.

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