Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge facing the world today.

Rising temperatures will affect weather patterns, sea levels and the frequency of extreme weather events.

As our demand for energy has increased, the amount of carbon dioxide that’s released into the atmosphere has increased too – and that’s the main cause of climate change.

To reduce the threat, we must reduce the amount of CO2 that we produce.

Aspire Defence has designed a range of new buildings that are being constructed in energy efficient ways. Each south facing accommodation block has solar panels fitted to provide energy that will reduce the cost of heating.

We anticipate saving 344 tonnes of CO2 each year by reducing the gas consumption of the normal gas-fired condensing boiler system. This represents the largest solar thermal hot water development in the UK at present.

The 87 solar panels provided on new buildings will have a floor area equivalent to Westminster Abbey.

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