Latest Achievements

Delivering on time, on budget

We are delivering the new living and working accommodation on time and on budget. With an eight year construction programme and 35 year service contract Aspire Defence is ensuring all key milestones have been met or exceeded and performance is at or above the levels required.
Since April 2006:

  • 518 new or refurbished buildings have been handed over to the MoD
  • Around 9,951 soldiers are now living in the new accommodation and all have their own en-suite bedrooms
  • The 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, returned from Germany where they had been situated for 13 years and moved into their new barracks. This was delivered on time after only 16 months, some 10 months faster than the last comparable barracks built for the Army in Tidworth
  • The first living, working and dining accommodation has been delivered in Aldershot providing over 200 soldiers from 27 Transport Regiment with their own en-suite rooms and dining facilities which can cater for nearly 500 diners at each sitting
  • Aspire Defence has been delivering on average over one new building every week and will continue to do so for the duration of the eight year construction programme
  • Perham Down became the first completed Camp under the construction programme when, in October 2011, the Officers' Mess became the last of 31 new buildings, 7 alterations and 6 refurbishments, to be handed over
  • 98.6% of the 60,402 annual calls (2012) to the 24/7 help desk were answered within 30 seconds
  • 75% of routine maintenance requests are completed in 15-20 days instead of the contractual 40 days

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