Aspire Defence’s ongoing consultation with a number of statutory bodies has resulted in a comprehensive approach to discharging our planning conditions.


All buildings to be demolished are surveyed for bats and nesting birds with sign-off by a licensed bat surveyor. In addition, single living accommodation is being fitted with a range of bat mitigation measures (our buildings will incorporate over 2,600 bat bricks, as well as specially-designed ‘bat cavity spaces’, squeeze boxes in lofts and partitioned loft spaces) making Aspire Defence one of the biggest residential bat mitigation projects in the UK.


A comprehensive historic building recording programme relating to the barracks buildings to be demolished at Tidworth to make way for the new soldiers’ village. This programme of work includes leading edge laser scanning technology which will allow virtual ‘fly throughs’ of the site to show how the site had been previously structured.


Aspire Defence’s master plans have incorporated a number of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) features including ponds, swales and pervious paving systems which seek to offer enhanced water quality treatment for surface water run-off and provide flood balancing capability on site.

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