Quick Facts Sheet

Quick Facts Sheet

  • Project Allenby/Connaught is making soldiers’ lives better. Soldiers are now increasingly returning from demanding operations in Afghanistan and moving into new accommodation of a standard they deserve and of which the nation can be proud
  • Behind the scenes Aspire Defence is supporting military fighting power
  • Soldiers, who used to share rooms and communal washing facilities in old fashioned poorly maintained Victorian buildings, now have their own bedrooms with private en-suite facilities
  • Project Allenby/Connaught is reversing years of under investment in the Army’s estate and since April 2006 around 9,951 soldiers have now moved into their own new en-suite living accommodation
  • Improving the quality of life for 20% of the trained British Army across the garrisons of Aldershot and Salisbury Plain
  • Aspire Defence provides a broad range of services:  from technical stores management to tailoring of uniforms, from the provision of transport to catering – in fact just about everything needed to run a military garrison other than the physical security and guarding
  • Under Project Allenby/Connaught, the largest infrastructure PFI ever let by the Ministry of Defence, modern, high quality, fully serviced and purpose built living and working accommodation is being provided by Aspire Defence, a joint venture between Carillion and KBR
  • Sustainability is at the heart of project

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