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Scott Brownrigg unites planners, master planners, urban designers, architects, interior designers and graphic artists in one practice, combining creativity with a wealth of professional expertise and market insight. With offices in London, Guildford, Cardiff, Aldershot and Cyprus the firm continues to grow, with over 230 employees and with expanding interests in the public sector, as well as business space, large mixed use, residential, education, transport, retail, hospitality and industrial developments. Scott Brownrigg understands, interprets and inspires a variety of deliverable and sustainable developments through astute master planning and provides dramatic contemporary designs for a number of commercial, residential and mixed use opportunities, such as Project Allenby/Connaught.

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Scott Brownrigg is responsible for the master planning of all the sites within Project Allenby/Connaught and brings military expertise gained through its experience of providing executive Architect services at the Army Procurement Headquarters at Abbey Wood as well as the redevelopment at Northwood. The master planning of the six sites is an enormous and complex exercise encompassing an existing estate of over 2000 structures with 165 new and 370 refurbished buildings.

The master planning solution replaces the piecemeal evolution of the sites and provides a structured framework for the delivery of the Army’s current needs whilst remaining flexible to cater for future requirements. A key role is the development of the concept of master plans into practical and successful detailed design solutions resulting in significant improvement in the quality of life for the soldier whilst providing best value for money. The master plans have been the subject of two reviews by CABE and formed the basis for obtaining both outline and detailed planning approvals from four different local authorities.

Scott Brownrigg is also the Architect and Design Team Leader for all the ‘living’ buildings both new build and refurbished, covering a wide range of building types from soldiers’ single living accommodation, messes, dining centres, pubs, gymnasia, fitness suites, and community centres. In addition, Scott Brownrigg is providing interior design services critical to ensuring that an appropriate and uplifting internal environment is provided for the end users – the soldiers themselves. Scott Brownrigg’s lead role combines ‘working’ building designs produced by Broadway Malyan Architects to ensure a consistent and seamless design solution is delivered for Aspire. Scott Brownrigg staff, co-located at Aspire’s Aldershot design office, continue to contribute enthusiasm, talent, and a highly professional attitude to the Aspire design team.

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