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Sodexo Defence is part of the Sodexo Group which, for almost 50 years, has delivered services which have touched millions of people across the world. Although Sodexo's name may not be familiar to everyone in the UK, the chances are that most people will have already come into contact with the more than 100 services Sodexo offers. From oil rig workers in Peru to hospital patients in the United States and British military personnel in the UK and overseas, Sodexo’s 428,000 employees serve 75 million consumers in 80 countries worldwide each day through its unique combination of on-site services, benefits and rewards services and personal and home services.

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In the UK and Ireland, Sodexo employs 35,000 people and delivers quality of life services to clients at some 2,300 locations in the corporate, healthcare, education, leisure, justice and defence sectors, delivering a range of services ranging from catering, cleaning and reception to asset management, security, laboratory and grounds maintenance services, enabling clients to focus on their core business. Sodexo Motivation Solutions in the UK provides benefit and reward services such as SayShopping vouchers, public benefits and employee benefits such as childcare vouchers and engagement surveys.

Sodexo Defence is a leading supplier of on-site services to the Ministry of Defence, bringing almost thirty years of experience to support service personnel across the UK, Cyprus and in the Falkland Islands. The company’s 9,000 employees provide a wide range of services to all three of the Armed Forces; the Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, from catering, cleaning, retail, leisure, security, transport and environmental services to complete facilities management in locations such as Colchester Garrison PFI. Other major contracts include Catterick Garrison, Cyprus, London and Windsor, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines South West and South Central contracts and subcontracted services across Project Allenby/Connaught. Sodexo Defence also has a strong corporate responsibility approach centred on its commitment to support the entire Armed Forces Community, including service leavers, reservists, veterans and service families and is committed to delivering the difference to every single one of its customers every day.

Across Project Allenby/Connaught, Sodexo Defence provides catering, retail, leisure, mess management and cleaning services to the Armed Forces Community. The launch of Pay As You Dine (PAYD) in 62 restaurants and messes across the Project brings an innovative, flexible and customer focused dining offer in new facilities that have a high street feel, with the hot and cold menus offering great value and a wide range of choice. Sodexo’s Action Station, Hot Stop Favourites, Quick Fix ‘Grab and Go’ and Just Desserts counters provide a range of balanced choices to satisfy all tastes as well as fitting in with busy military lives. A particular focus is on healthy eating, with customers being supported in making informed dining choices with Sodexo’s ‘Count On Us’ guides, which explain the nutritional values for the diner menus and the Natural Station, which offers a range of salads and other healthy options on a daily basis.


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