Such is the size and scope of the contract that in order to deliver the services required ADSL works with a number of key partners and a small number of support contractors. Our work is closely integrated with that of our colleagues in Aspire Defence Capital Works – the construction arm of our company.

Success since Aspire Defence took over the contract across the garrisons has seen the delivery of a seamless service support organisation which operates as one team.

We have developed strong relationships with Garrison Commanders and their teams to understand their priorities and the support they need to function effectively. Their needs have been translated into a framework of working practices which give us the strong parameters around which our people and delivery partners operate.

None of this would be possible without the skills, knowledge and professional dedication of our employees. It is our people who provide the services, from the waiter in the Messes, to the drivers who transfer soldiers onto Salisbury Plain for training exercises and many, many more.

ADSL has quickly established a culture which reaches across our delivery teams and is focused on providing a supportive and enjoyable working environment.

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