The Story So Far

The most significant impact of the contract is the provision of single living accommodation. Soldiers, who used to share rooms and communal washing facilities in old fashioned poorly maintained Victorian buildings, now have their own bedrooms with private en-suite facilities. In addition, each six bedroom flat has a lounge, kitchen and laundry room. This along with the provision of quality shops, cafes, bars and sports facilities is, according to the soldiers themselves, making their daily lives better. All of this is supported by the provision of a very broad range of services: from technical stores management to tailoring of uniforms, from the provision of transport to catering – in fact just about everything needed to run a military garrison other than the physical security and guarding.

Since April 2006, Aspire Defence and the MoD have achieved outstanding results:

  • A full range of much improved services which commenced within 90 days of contract signature are making a real difference to the quality of life for the soldiers we support
  • We have handed over 518 new or refurbished buildings and continue to do so ahead of programme, at an average rate of one a week
  • By the end of March 2013 around 9,951 soldiers had moved into their new single en-suite rooms
  • All of this has been handled within a committed partnering relationship between Aspire Defence and the MoD which is being held up as a model for other projects


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