Key Facts

  • In a typical year, an average of 223 services staff were employed within the Aspire Defence Services Limited garrison management team. Between them they handle:
    • Over 32,000 calls made to the garrison 24 hour help desk – an average of over 2,700 each month (97.7% of calls were answered in under 30 seconds)
    • The calls reported nearly 24,000 jobs for engineers for repairs or replacements
    • The garrison team accepted into service 59 newly constructed buildings
    • Over 7,500 sacks of mail and packages were sorted and delivered
    • Over 4,000 security passes cleared and issued
  • The following items issued to new accommodation:
    • 500 duvets, 1,000 blankets, 2,000 sheets, 2,000 pillow cases, 2,500 waste bins, 1,500 linen baskets, 500 brushes and 150 recycle bins
    • 1,200 shower curtains and 700 bedroom curtains hung
    • 168 weapon inspections completed

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