TidNBul Overview

TidNBul is the largest garrison covered by Project Allenby/Connaught. The garrison comprises some 6,500 soldiers. This number will rise to over 9,000 soldiers by 2014.

The Aspire Defence Services Limited team manages service provision to the Army at Tidworth, Netheravon, Bulford and Perham Down, working closely with colleagues in Aspire Defence Capital Works with regard to the construction programme.

Tidworth, Netheravon and Bulford Garrison is located on the eastern edge of Salisbury Plain between Salisbury and Marlborough, Wiltshire. It is the home for HQ 3 (UK) Division, HQ 1 Mechanised Brigade, HQ 12 Mechanised Brigade and HQ 43 (Wessex) Brigade. 


Many of the buildings at the garrison date back to the latter part of the 19th Century and are approaching 100 years old, including some which are listed.

At a cost of £1.6million in the 19th Century, Tidworth was intended to house eight battalions of infantry plus units of Royal Engineers, Army Service Corps along with the necessary garrison facilities such as riding schools, married quarters, hospitals and school. Building of the eight original barracks was complete in 1905 with each barracks being named in alphabetical sequence along the curve of the valley after battles fought in India and Afghanistan – Aliwal, Assaye, Bhurtpore, Candahar, Delhi, Jellalabad, Lucknow and Mooltan.

A sense of Army history will prevail even when the new buildings are completed as each barracks which replaces the old accommodation will retain the original names.

A mix of refurbishments and new build is underway and the garrison at Tidworth has changed very quickly.

The garrison has been completely transformed since work started in 2006. Nearly 150 buildings have been demolished and 160 new and refurbished buildings delivered, with the highlight being the completion of 2RTR’s new living and working accommodation just 16 months after contract signature.

In all 28 buildings were built, including single en-suite living accommodation, new mess facilities, a junior ranks diner and technical and leisure accommodation.

The full garrison construction programme will replace over 40% of the buildings at Tidworth. At its peak there were over 30 construction sites within Tidworth Camp alone. Aspire is providing new:

  • Living and working accommodation
  • Diners
  • Offices
  • Garaging
  • Messes
  • A rehabilitation centre
  • A theatre
  • Gyms

Perham Down

In January 2005 soldiers from 22 Royal Engineers moved into a new accommodation block, the very first building to be completed as part of the Project.

Further building work has created a junior ranks village with construction work gathering pace enabling many buildings and assets to be delivered ahead of schedule to the MoD.

The junior ranks 36 man living accommodation blocks were progressively handed over throughout 2007 and the ‘village’ itself (comprising fifteen JRSLAs) was completed in November 2007, six months ahead of programme. These alone provide 540 new en-suite bedrooms.

Since then new Quarter Masters’ offices, stores, a new training building, a community centre, a senior officers living block – with 72 rooms – and an officers mess have all been completed. The final building, a refurbished officers' mess will be completed and ready for occupation during 2012.

Bulford Camp

Construction work has intensified greatly at Bulford Camp. More than 70 buildings have been handed over for occupation, including a triple mess, super diner, technical stores, an armoury and 31 new JRSLAs, six 8-man houses, four refurbished living accommodation blocks and a refurbished officers' mess. This last building signified a year's worth of successful building completions that were free of any snags at handover.

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