Key Facts

Key Facts

Soldiers from Warminster Garrison training on Salisbury Plain

There are over 450 services staff who work for Aspire, Sodexo or Babcock on the garrison and in addition to looking after the estate, in a typical week they:

  • Make up to 120 beds per day
  • Feed over 10,000 soldiers
  • Maintain 200 military vehicles
  • Issue and repair over 800 weapons ranging from pistols to 81mm mortars and anti tank systems and control ammunition
  • Prepare 1,000 meals for troops training on Salisbury Plain
  • Deliver in excess of 4,000 letters, parcels and packages
  • Receive around 7,200 help desks calls per year – around 150 per day
  • In the last year the calls resulted in over 6,700 jobs for engineers for repairs or replacements which is around 100 requests per week
  • Process 175 multimedia requests, delivering 150,000 publications, signs, posters and course material

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