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Posted - 21st March 18

12m high chalk mountain at Larkhill

Chalk mountain

An enormous white chalk mountain is looming over the landscape at Larkhill Garrison, following completion of groundworks at the site of a new Triple Mess.

A total of 34,000 cubic metres of chalk has been shifted by Aspire Defence Capital Works (ADCW) to make way for new officers’ single living accommodation for the Army Basing Programme (ABP).

Richard Tindal, Project Director Larkhill (ADCW), is pictured at its highest point.  From there, you can see all the way across the rooftops of the Royal School of Artillery to Stonehenge.  The Mess site where the chalk originated can be seen in the distance behind Richard.

In line with Aspire’s sustainable construction programme, the chalk will be re-used as sub-base in other ABP construction works across the Garrison, including a new sports pitch.

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