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Aspire Defence is making soldiers’ lives better through delivery of new and improved accommodation, ensuring they live and work in the best possible environment.

A successful partnership

We were contracted by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) in 2006 under the 35-year Project Allenby/Connaught contract –  one of the largest Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) ever let by the Ministry of Defence.

Until 2041, we are responsible for building, improving and maintaining soldiers’ single living and working accommodation on several Army garrisons.

In 2016, following a decade of successful delivery, we embarked on a new phase of development to support the Army Basing Programme – the withdrawal of British troops from Germany in 2019 and unit moves within the UK.

What is a private finance initiative (PFI) ?

A PFI is a way of funding public sector construction and services contracts. A PFI project is typically one in which the private sector partner, in this case Aspire Defence, invests in assets and facilities that are then provided to the public sector, in this case the Ministry of Defence/Army.

PFIs are widely used across the public sector. MOD has PFIs for housing, simulators, vehicles, office accommodation and training establishments.



Delivering a first-rate home for soldiers is key to enhancing their professional and personal lives. As we continue to build foundations for the Army’s future, I remain extremely proud of our successful record and our effective partnerships.
— Allan Thomson, Chief Executive

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