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Posted - 14th May 18

Aspire construction team scoops national award

CCS Award 2018

Aspire Defence Capital Works (ADCW), the construction business delivering new and improved single living and working accommodation for the Army Basing Programme, has scooped a top award which recognises best practice in construction across the UK.

On 20th April representatives from ADCW projects at Tidworth, Larkhill, Bulford and Perham Down ADCW attended the prestigious 2018 Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) National Site Awards.

At the ceremony, held at the Plaisterers’ Hall in Central London, Tidworth won a Gold Award while Larkhill, Bulford and Perham Down won Bronze Awards.  The National Site Awards are for the very best performing construction sites in the country. The awards recognise sites with the highest levels of consideration towards the public, their workforce and the environment.

All ADCW Arming Basing Programme sites have achieved ‘exceptional’ CCS scores and received ‘Performance Beyond Compliance’ certificates.  The CCS team monitors performance across five categories: Appearance, Community, Environment, Safety and the Workforce. Recent comments in their monitoring reports include:

  • There is a real feel good factor about this project and the contractor is evidently extremely committed to providing best performance standards regarding meeting the requirements of the 2018 Code of Considerate Practice.
  • The overall presentation of the site is exceptional and first impressions remain extremely positive. The site appears organised and professionally run and gives an extremely positive impression of the contractor and industry.
  • The degree of community interaction has been exceptionally good and the contractor continues to seek opportunities to engage with neighbours and those affected by the works wherever possible.
  • The degree of commitment to environmental issues remains commendable and it is evident contractor continues to seek to protect and enhance the environment wherever possible.
  • The reporting systems with regards to safety-related issues are exemplary and helps to maintain focus on associated safety-related issues on site.
  • The site welfare is exceptionally clean and hygienic and caters extremely well for the workforce.

ADCW is committed to supporting community projects which have helped the business achieve excellent CCS scores for this category. To date, ADCW has worked with local organisations including the Basingstoke Canal Authority, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Trussell Trust food banks, the Vine Centre and St. John’s Care Trust.

A new project at Larkhill, run in conjunction with Larkhill Primary School and Rydon, and ADCW contractor, will involve school children preparing decorative painted sections for a hoarding to be put up around a new site for a Medical and Dental Centre.  This will be entered for a national CCS hoarding painting competition later this year.

About CCS

CCS is a non-profit organisation formed to improve the image of construction industry. It is a voluntary scheme launched in June 1997. In 2017, on its 20th birthday, 100,000 projects were registered with the scheme.


Article by Gee Shankar.

Photo from Left to Right: Tanya Mackie – SHEQ Assistant, Gee Shankar – Senior Environmental Advisor, Andrew Patchett – Perham Down Construction Manager, Tom Barnes – Perham Down Project Manager, Iain Munro – Larkhill Project Manager, Steve McKerr – Bulford Construction Manager, Brad Young – Bulford Utilities Manager, Christian Wall – Tidworth Construction Supervisor

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