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Posted - 13th December 22

ADSL Health and Safety Team Hosts High Impact Event on Workplace Safety

From 26 to 28 October 2022, the Aspire Defence Services Limited (ADSL) Health and Safety team hosted a High Impact event appealing to employers and workforce alike to strengthen the positive Health and Safety culture and the Zero Harm 24/7 message promoted across Aspire Defence Services (ADS).

Guest speaker, Jennifer Deeney shared her heart felt presentation, “It Will Never Happen to Me” about the true impact and devastation that followed the loss of her husband Kieron Denney who died in a tragic workplace accident.

Jennifer’s powerful talk was shared with 1,300 ADS employees, contactors and clients and reinforced the message that all accidents are preventable, emphasizing why there is no excuse for turning a blind eye to an unsafe act because nothing is worth being hurt for and we must always think about the potential consequences for our family and friends.

The outcome and positive impact of the event has helped to both strengthen the Zero Harm 24/7 message, as well as promote the Unquestionable Stop Work Authority already in place within the business.

Following the event, several positive comments have been received:

Laura Martin, Asset Manager, Aspire Defence Limited, said;

“Please can you record my thanks to Jennifer and the H&S Team for today’s presentation. It was a moving and pertinent presentation presented in an engaging way.”

Allan Jackson, HSE Manager, KBR, said;

“Powerful and emotive to hear someone’s personal experience with a workplace tragedy.  I thought Jen was eloquent and able to connect well with the audience.  I look forward to visiting Aspire again in the future.”

Allan Thomson, Chief Executive, Aspire Defence Limited, said;

“I wanted to thank the ADSL H&S team for pulling together the High Impact Events run last week. I attended the St Omer event and I know other ADL personnel attended at various other locations. The praise was universal!  A well delivered message that will, I hope, have chimed with everyone who attended. This is the 3rd HI H&S event I have attended, and each has touched on a different H&S theme which ensures it is fresh and covers a spectrum of possible accidents. The energy that ADSL puts into such events reinforces the positive safety culture that permeates the Company. Well done.”

Mike Pagett, Managing Director, Mike Pagett Limited, said;

“Wow Jen is one brilliant lady; glad we all came. Very powerful and thought provoking.”

Lucy Innes, Lead HSS Advisor, UK Power Networks, said;

“I thought Jen’s presentation was very thought provoking and reminded me why I do the job I do. Sometimes I wonder if my empathy has gone due to seeing and hearing about numerous Safety Incidents, but to hear it from someone that was left alone after a losing their husband and best friend after he went to work and to hear about some of the struggles she faced 18 years ago and the challenges she still faces today, made me want to share that feeling of it could be me, it could be you and your family that could have the unbearable tasks to complete without the person they thought they would grow old with. So many lives ruined by so many people walking by and doing nothing.  It really resonated and I liked her style of presentation, the Q&A at the end was extremely helpful and showed exactly how brave she is. I’d like to pass on my thanks to Aspire for continuing to push the bar and holding events like this.”

Chris Cockerill, Estates Technical Director and Chief Engineer, Aspire Defence Services Limited, said;

“Jen Deeney’s ‘It will never happen to me’ was an exceptional event.

She is an individual who managed to keep the audiences she addressed over the week fully engaged, as she told the story of the events leading up to and after the tragic death of her husband.

The impact across the whole of ADS has been tangible and her key messaging regarding all accidents are preventable, we should never walk by an unsafe act, we can all make a difference looking after each other and nothing is worth being hurt for will remain with us for many a year.

That she managed to do this with no slides, props or otherwise is a true testament to her passion and ability to make everyone reflect”.

The feedback received has been both encouraging and reassuring that the event has left a lasting impression of what workplace safety means and how we all have a part to play in it.

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