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Site:  Aldershot Military Power Station (AMPS)

Project Overview:  The removal of ACMs and decontamination of surfaces in a disused 1960s power generation facility prior to demolition.

Programme:  Nine main phases of asbestos works completed by an HSE LARC over an 11 month period involving almost 3,000 asbestos operative working hours on site to physically remove:

  • Over 1,000m of asbestos insulation to pipe work
  • Asbestos insulation to numerous tanks and calorifiers
  • Asbestos insulation board (AIB) door header firebreaks
  • Asbestos dust contamination in all locations (totalling a surface area of over 6000m2) covering water treatment and generating plant and equipment, floors, grated walkways, high level gantries, walls and chimney chambers


  • The removal of significant amounts of pigeon guano, prior to the commencement of the asbestos works
  • Formation of tented enclosures under negative pressure around and surface decontamination of six massive diesel engine generators (each the combined size of two double-decker buses) and associated boilers
  • The removal of 40 years build-up of hardened oil/grease residue adhered to the diesel engine deck and associated walkways

Hazardous Waste Removed:  Almost 50 tonnes of asbestos hazardous waste removed from site.