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Posted - 2nd November 23

Clock Tower Nursery Gets New Roof Thanks to ADSL

The Clock Tower Nursery, a historic building in Aldershot Garrison that provides pre-school education for children of military families, is celebrating its new roof and fence, which were recently refurbished by Aspire Defence Services Limited (ADSL) under the 35-year Project Allenby/Connaught contract (PAC). 

The Nursery refurbishment, which began in January 2023, was completed in March 2023, ahead of schedule and on budget, despite having to be carried out whilst the nursery was still open, with daily meetings between the ADSL site manager and the nursery manager to ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

The project team also included ADSL Programme Manager Gareth Carter, Planning Manager Andy Burrage, and Delivery Manager Mark Bassett, in collaboration with Kingsley Roofing, led by General Manager Russell Fauchon and Site Manager Gary Nardini. 

The ADSL Programme Manager Gareth Carter said: 

“I am very proud of the work that our team, together with Kingsley Roofing, has accomplished. It was a challenging project, as we had to ensure the safety and minimal disruption of the nursery operations, whilst delivering a high-quality outcome that met the expectations and requirements of our customer and stakeholders. We appreciate the collaboration from Julie Mounfield and her team, who have been very supportive and cooperative throughout the project, and we are honoured to have contributed to the preservation and improvement of this landmark building.” 

The project objectives were to provide a watertight covering for the remaining duration of the contract, complementing a recent refurbishment to both floors of the building, and to provide the nursery with a modern and usable working space. The project also aimed to enhance the security and aesthetics of the outdoor play areas with a new fence. 

The outcome is a complete replacement of the roof and a new fence, that has not only improved the appearance and functionality of the building but has also had a positive impact and boosted the morale of the nursery staff, children and parents, who expressed their delight and gratitude for the improved facilities and learning environment. 

Julie Mounfield, Chief Executive of Aldershot Garrison Pre-School Settings, said: 

“The staff have always been aware of the historical significance of the Clock Tower building. It is a landmark in the Garrison and evokes pride for those that work there. It was however, in need of serious TLC to get this iconic building back to her former glory. The refurbishment inside the building was a game changer. The staff felt enabled to deliver a better-quality learning experience and the children benefitted from the enhanced facilities and learning experience. The parents are overjoyed with the education their children receive in a modern version of the Garrison landmark. The reputation of the Pre-school has never been higher, and we are oversubscribed as a result.” 

She added: “As if that refurbishment was not enough, we then had the slate roof replaced and a new fence outdoors, the overall aesthetic is stunning. We all love it. Morale, job satisfaction, happiness and quality of learning are all enhanced by what your team have delivered for us.” 

She also praised the ADSL project team for their professionalism and collaboration: 

“On a personal note, I am grateful for the way you engaged with my team and myself. You always listened intently, and without making false promises, you delivered what you said you would, time and again. That is a rare quality these days, Thank you. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all and please pass on our thanks to everyone involved, you have left a real legacy on the Garrison Clocktower Pre-school and those that use it. I am truly grateful.” 

ADSL is committed to providing excellent service delivery to the highest standards whilst always adhering to strict health and safety guidelines.

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