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Posted - 20th October 23

Exploring the Hills Waste Management Facility in Calne: A Step Towards Sustainable Recycling and Resource Recovery

In late July 2023, several members of Aspire Defence Services Limited’s (ADSL) Zero Harm Engagement Group (ZHEG) based at Warminster attended a site visit of the Hills Waste Management Facility in Calne. This facility serves as a crucial hub for recycling and resource recovery in the region, and the visit aimed to educate members on the waste management and recycling process.

Accompanied by Simon Coombs, Hills Service Manager for ADSL, and Erik McGilp, Hills Operations Manager, the group was given a very informative talk on the processes involved with the sorting of recyclable items and guided through the various sections and machinery responsible for the efficient sorting and sifting of recyclable materials.

Proper waste separation is vital for maximising recycling and recovery efforts. This extends to both home and work environments, where dedicated bins with clear labels indicate what can and cannot be recycled. Once collected, Hills takes charge of sorting and separating the items at their facility.

The visit provided an eye-opening experience as members were able to walk around the plant and engage with staff, witnessing the sophisticated recycling processes in action and observing the start to finish process for sifting and sorting the various types of recycling.

Each waste type, including cardboard, plastic, and aluminium cans, had its own dedicated machines and conveyor belts. Notably, the cans were compacted into cubes, with each cube containing approximately 25,000 cans. The facility also prioritises the well-being of its staff, offering welfare amenities such as showers and locker rooms.

Hills Waste Management continues to assist businesses, both in the private and public sectors, throughout the southwest of England in achieving their waste reduction goals and embracing a zero-waste approach. By efficiently removing waste and promoting sustainable practices, Hills contributes to a cleaner and greener future for the region.

The site visit was complemented by a delightful assortment of refreshments upon arrival, followed by a buffet lunch – a gesture warmly appreciated by all attendees. Feedback from ZHEG members was positive and enthusiastic, with the visit being thoroughly enjoyed.

Larkhill and Warminster Support Services Co-ordinator, Sophie Eden, who had previously paid a visit to the north Wiltshire facility alongside Office Services Supervisor, Holly Parry, in preparation for the ZHEG visit, extended a heartfelt appreciation to the Hills Waste team involved with coordinating such an insightful tour for the group.

“Thank you very much again to Hills Operations Manager, Erik McGilp, and Hills Service Manager for ADSL, Simon Coombs, for your hospitality on the day and taking the time to show us all around and further our recycling knowledge”, Sophie said.

Aspire Defence is responsible for collecting and disposing of majority of waste produced across Project Allenby/Connaught (PAC) including general waste produced in offices, living accommodation, catering facilities and technical buildings. In 2022, together with subcontractor, Hills Waste Solutions (HWS), nearly 3,000 tonnes of mixed waste and food waste was converted to produce electricity and renewable energy sufficient to service 4,000 homes in the local Warminster community.

From L to R: James Gavin (Film Unit Supervisor), Kaye Hewitt (Stores Supervisor), William Kennedy (Senior Supervisor), Louise Haynes (Sodexo), Diane Newbury (Senior Storekeeper), Jilena Jacobs (Technical Administrator), Holly Pugsley (Office Services Supervisor), Simon Coombs (Hills), Sophie Eden (Support Services Coordinator), David Hiscock (Senior Storekeeper)

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