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How We Can Support Your Event

In order for you to hold a successful Event, we have produced this guide to Casual Use Licensing across the Project Allenby Connaught Estate (PAC).

If you are organising an Event from a concert to a game of football, we can help you with all aspects of provision of facilities and Licensing.

We recommend early engagement as it is vital to ensure we have sufficient time to support you.

Encouraging the Use of the Army’s Facilities

The Army encourages the use of its estate facilities for non-military, private, social, recreational and/or commercial purposes. We want you to make use of the Army’s facilities and we want to make it as easy as possible while ensuring you do so in a safe and legal manner.

To achieve this we have an Application and Casual Use Licensing process which provides the assurance that the correct legal arrangements are in place for the benefit of you, your participants and the Army.

The granting of a Casual Use Licence means that you have taken all the appropriate measures to ensure your Event is safe and legal.

How We Operate

It is important for you to know that we offer the use of the Army’s estate facilities in a different way to which you would normally expect from a commercial service provider such as a hotel or conferencing facility.

Commercial service providers will normally manage and organise the Event on your behalf, undertake risk assessments, maintain insurances, hold Licences and ensure everything goes to plan.

Neither the Army nor Aspire Defence Services (ADSL) as their service provider undertakes Event management as it is not military business.

When you use Army estate facilities, you the Applicant will be expected to organise the Event. This means accepting and managing all the risks associated with an Event.

Both the Army and ADSL acknowledge that this is a different way of operating to the commercial market, but as you accept more risk it is reflected in our market rates.

Your requirement to obtain a Licence

As the circumstances in which the use of the Estate are so varied, you must contact us and give us sufficient information to establish if your Event can proceed and if it will require a Licence. Our primary objective is to help you ensure that you and your participants are legally protected.

If you are acting in a military capacity, we may request confirmation that you are organising the Event in a recognised and entitled military capacity in accordance with all relevant rules and regulations and that you are in a position to control and accept the risks and liabilities in the event of loss, damage or injury before an Event can proceed.

The hosting of any Event or use of MOD premises may require a Licence. We have to make this decision based on your application form.

You will almost certainly require a Licence if:

  • There is any activity or use where risks are not accepted by the MOD
  • Where the general public are involved
  • Where alcohol will be consumed or available
  • If money is exchanged in any way
  • If fundraising is involved
  • If trading is involved
  • If advertising is involved.

If you are using military facilities under the terms of a membership, hiring or booking you may not need a Licence.

If you are military and your event will involve civilians, as long as they are guests and attending in small numbers you will probably not need a Licence, but we may require you to reserve some rights such as the ability to ask them to leave for any unforeseen circumstance or unruly behaviour.

For all Events, you will need to complete an application form to commence the Licensing process. We will only be able to establish if you need a Licence once an application form is properly completed.

The Casual Use Licence

As with all occupation of land, there is a legal position for occupation. This could be a freehold, a leasehold, a tenancy or for short term occupations, a Licence.

A Casual Use Licence is a contract between you and the Secretary of State for Defence which allows you to use land and facilities for a short period of time. It is a way of ensuring that your Event can go ahead with a right of access for you in place.

The Licence protects everyone involved in the Event by ensuring a written permission to use the land has been created that is enforceable in law. It is an important document to get right. If the correct Licence is not in place, you could be leaving those involved in your Event at risk if something were to go wrong.

The Licence will state:

  • What estate facilities you can use and what you are hiring
  • What you can use the estate facilities for
  • When you can use them
  • What you can or cannot do while you are holding your Event.

How a Licence Protects You and Everyone Involved

Before we issue a Licence, we will:

  • Work closely with you to ensure you have identified and considered all the relevant risks and removed or reduced them as low as reasonably practical. We want your Event to be as safe as possible so we will require a written risk assessment.
  • Ensure you have the right level of insurances in place so that you and your participants are covered in the event of something going wrong. As a minimum, we will generally require you to maintain or be covered by public liability insurance with a level of indemnity of £5m for each occurrence.
  • Ensure you have planned your Event and considered safety thoroughly. For events which require planning and co-ordination between various parties we will ask you for an Event Management and Safety Plan. We will only ask you for this when we consider it should be produced in your best interests.

The Licence will give you the legal protection of having a formal interest in land. If you don’t have a Licence the use could be considered a trespass in law.

When the Licence Needs to be in Place

You will need to have a Licence in place before you can access the land or facilities.

In order to put a Licence in place you will need to have completed some actions. These could include:

  • Satisfying both yourself and us that your Application is valid
  • Telling us what you need in a way that we are sure we can meet
  • Providing us with an appropriate risk assessment
  • Providing us with an appropriate Event Management and Safety Plan
  • Demonstrating you have adequate insurance cover
  • Agreeing to our Event Charge
  • Paying your invoice.

For larger Events you may also need to have completed some additional actions. These could include:

  • Obtained planning consent (if you are altering or erecting buildings)
  • Undertaken a sustainability appraisal
  • Completed a fire risk assessment.

What You Will Get For Your Hire

Facilities will be provided with the basic services that exist in the building. If water, electricity, drainage are available these are all available for use.

If you require any services or items over and above those available in the building, we will endeavour to meet your requirements.  These services or items will be priced separately to the Hire Fee.  We cannot provide a catering service but our partner Sodexo can provide a comprehensive catering service and they must  be booked for all events across PAC unless they are unavailable for your event.  Terms and Conditions apply if you use an alternative caterer.

Our Charges for an Event

If you require a Licence we will make an Event Charge for the Event. This charge will comprise the following costs:

1. The Hire Fee:

This is the market rate for the hire of the land or facilities you require. We will endeavour to obtain the best value price we can offer. Most hire fees can be established from our Standard Price List.

We will use our Standard Price List for most Events. If your Event is out of the ordinary, we will price at a fair market rate.

If the hire fee cannot be established from our Standard Price List, we will take your instruction on how you want us to calculate your hire fee from a number of alternative options included in the Application Form.

The hire fee also includes:

  • Utility usage (electricity, water, gas)
  • The services of a member of the ADSL Land and Property Team to ensure facilities and other items we provide are properly delivered

2. The Licence Preparation Fee:

This is the cost of preparing the Licence. Our charges for preparing the Licence are on our Standard Price List and can be made available if requested.

3. The Price for Other Items and Services:

This is our price for any other requirements you have such as security, arranging out of hours access, equipment, refuse collection which do not come with the land or facilities you require.

What we will not charge for:

Any work undertaken on the preparation of a Licence up to the point a Licence is issued.

Please note that we cannot provide a price for catering or supply of alcohol. However this can be provided by our partner, Sodexo.

VAT on Third Party Revenue

VAT is applicable to all hirings except sporting activities where:

  • The hire is for a continuous period exceeding 24 hours, or:
  • A series of 10 or more periods comprise the Event which satisfy certain conditions.

How We Will Prepare Your Licence

You will be asked to complete an Event Application Form. This will provide us with all the basic information about your Event and you as the organiser. It will be your opportunity to let us know what preparation for the Event you have already undertaken.

It is important you complete it correctly as we will be unable to process incomplete Applications and we may have to reject them.

We will inform you if the facilities you require or that meet your requirements are or are not available. You will be given the opportunity to cancel the Application, request us to seek alternative facilities or leave the booking as provisional in case someone else cancels.

If it would be beneficial we can arrange a meeting or telephone call to discuss your requirements. This can be done either at yours or our request.

You may be required to give us some more detail on your Event at this stage so that a decision can be made by the relevant Garrison Management Team on whether the Event can proceed.

All high risk Events will be presented to the Garrison Management Team (GMT) for a decision in principle on whether the Event can proceed. This is primarily intended to ensure an Event won’t interfere with core military objectives.

If for any reason the Garrison Management Team decides that the Event cannot proceed, we will inform you as soon as possible.

As a result of the presentation to the GMT, we may ask you to address some specific issues in your risk assessment or place some other limitations or actions on you. You will also be asked if you want to continue with your Event as a result of any of these.

We will issue you with a checklist of documentation you will need to provide. This will generally be:

  • Public Liability Insurance at a minimum cover of £5m;
  • The completed risk assessment;
  • The completed Event Management and Safety Plan

We will produce an Event Charge that will detail all the items and services we will provide that meet your requirements. You’ll need to confirm that you accept the Event Charge before proceeding further.

Once you have accepted the Event Charge we will issue an invoice.

Once we are satisfied that all the correct documentation is in place and we have received payment in full, we will issue your Licence.

What You Must Consider When Applying for an Event

Please be sure that you are in a position to apply for and hold an Event.

Applications must be received from the organiser of an Event. As the organiser, you can represent another individual or organisation.

If you organise and hold an Event you will need to ensure that you are the individual or organisation who can satisfy certain criteria:

You will be responsible for the Event. This means:

  • You are in control of the decisions on what does or doesn’t happen before, during and after the Event
  • You will meet the obligations of the Licence.

You will be accountable for the Event. This means:

  • You are either applying as an individual or as an organisation that is recognised as a legal entity by a court of law
  • You hold the required public liability insurance for the Event
  • You as an individual are prepared to be held to the obligations under the Licence.

You will be in control of the finances for the Event.

  • If an entry fee is being charged it must be you that is receiving it (even if you pass this on to others)
  • You are in control of the funds generated from the Event that could be required to pay suppliers, where applicable
  • The exception is charitable donations which can pass from attendants at your event directly to a charity.

You are in control of the land and facilities during the Event.

Terms and Conditions

There are two sets of Terms and Conditions associated with the Licence. The first are the Terms and Conditions applicable to making an Application. These accompany the Event Application Form. You will need to accept these before you submit your Application.

The second are the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Licence. These will all be included in the Licence when you receive it. We can also provide an example of the more standard Terms and Conditions if you would like to see them.

Time Needed to Prepare a Licence

We recommend you start planning your Event and approach us within the following timescales:

  • For simple routine Events: at least four weeks before an Event.
  • For highly complex Events: at least three months before an Event.

Please contact us if you require a more accurate estimate of how long it will take to Licence your Event.

This will then give sufficient time to plan, prepare and produce all the appropriate documentation.

Please give us as much notice as possible and we can start planning your Event with you.

Planning for Your Event

In the planning for your Event there are numerous activities you will need to plan for. The larger and more complex your Event, the more formal the planning needs to be. Here are a few of the items you will need to consider:

Traffic management

Planning for traffic and car parking to avoid congestion needs to be considered.

Marshalling and Stewarding

There will need to be sufficient personnel available to direct people and traffic and undertake crowd management. Marshalls must be available to support any emergency plan.

Rubbish collection

You’ll need to allow for accumulation of rubbish during an Event and leave the site clean and tidy when you leave.

Continuity of Services

You’ll need to plan for the loss of electricity or water as we cannot guarantee a continuous supply. You’ll need to plan for not overloading services.


As well as the catering provision itself, you’ll need to consider any power, water and waste requirements that your caterers will need.

It is also useful to consider the serving distance to prevent food cooling between the cooking area and point of service.

Contingency Plans for Bad Weather

You’ll need to plan for bad weather. This should also consider sustained periods of bad weather which can change the ground conditions.

 Emergency Plan

This shall detail actions to be taken by people in the event of a major incident or accident. It also provides details of access arrangements and points of contact for the emergency services.

Venue Planning

Details of the event including venue design, structures, audience profile and capacity, duration, food, toilets, refuse, water, fire precautions, first aid, special effects, access and exits, music levels, etc;

Safety Planning

This details the Event safety policy, site safety rules, site crew managers and safety coordinator, fire safety and structural safety.

First Aid Procedures

The first-aid plan details procedures for administering first aid on site and arrangements with local hospitals.

If You Change Your Requirements

We appreciate that circumstances or requirements can change. We will make every attempt to incorporate your changes in to your Event. However, if changes occur late in the planning process we may not be able to meet the Event date.

The Application Form

Please contact the Land and Property Administrator for an application form or for further information or assistance.

Please return the Application Form to:

The Land and Property Administrator

Aspire Defence Services Limited

Aspire Business Centre

Ordnance Road

Tidworth SP9 7QD


Tel: 01980 886911
Mobile: 07935 071621

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