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Energy Management

ADSL manages an estate which provides the working and living space for over 20,000 people. Heating, lighting, power and transport on this scale of project requires a huge quantity of energy. Currently the estate gets this from a mixture of traditional fossil fuels, renewable technologies and high efficiency small and large scale cogeneration – combined heat and power units (CHP).

All the energy consumed on the garrisons is purchased by the MOD. While most of this energy is used by the MOD, we also consume energy in the offices, stores, kitchens and workshops we operate. Through a range of energy efficiency projects, monitoring, reporting and maintenance activities we aim to reduce our own consumption and support our client in meeting their energy reduction objectives.

We track estate building energy performance through a centralised energy team who monitor over 2,500 utility meters, including over 600 automated meter reading (AMR) units. We use advanced energy management software to undertake detailed analysis and produce comprehensive performance reports for MOD teams on the garrisons. Poor performance is highlighted and investigations are undertaken to track down root causes and develop recommendations for improvement.

In 2015 as a result of our work we achieved a commendation in the PSS Awards for ‘Best Energy Management’ and in December 2017 we won a PSS award in the category ‘Energy Collection and Analysis’.


Water Management

ADSL’s Energy Team also supports the MOD’s aim to reduce water consumption on their garrisons.

In 2015 detailed water efficiency surveys were undertaken on nearly 500 buildings across Salisbury Plain to help identify and rectify water wastage. The success of this programme, lessons learned and the excellent results it delivered helped demonstrate that there were potential water savings of 70,400 m3 per year – equivalent to over 880,000 baths or 1.5M showers.

Alongside the survey project, garrison Energy Awareness Roadshows were run by the DIO and ADSL to improve awareness among garrison personnel of how to save energy and water and reduce wastage.

The success of this project has resulted in the commissioning of further surveys of additional garrisons in 2017 and as a result of this innovative project, in 2016 ADSL was announced the winner of the Public Sector Sustainability Magazine Awards ‘Best Water Management Project’.