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ADSL manages a diverse estate on Army garrison sites located across Salisbury Plain and Aldershot.  These building assets vary greatly in construction type, age and the variety of asbestos they contain.

Examples include ‘Grade 2’ listed WW1 era pre-fabricated asbestos cement sheet accommodation blocks, 1960s steel framed office blocks lined with asbestos insulation board (AIB), 1970s asbestos corrugated sheet clad hangers and buildings refurbished in the 1980s with asbestos containing textured coating and vinyl flooring.

Owing to the extensive use of asbestos for almost 100 years across the garrisons we also find ‘ad hoc’ incidences of asbestos contamination in the ground as a result of uncontrolled (historic) demolition and / or the uncovering of disused district heating mains.