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ADS’s overall partnership approach ensures that suppliers support core objectives, for instance measurement and reduction of environmental impacts including waste, carbon and natural resources.  Success for ADS depends on high standards in every part of our operation and we ensure our supply chain shares our values.

Working together with individual suppliers on behalf of ADS, ADSL delivers innovation and improvement through sustainable procurement.  This approach has resulted in:

  • Provision for 100% diversion of waste from landfill (both green and general waste)
  • Use of biodegradable hydraulic fluids in grounds vehicles to reduce the risk of pollution incidents
  • Highways maintenance works with in-situ recycling of materials leading to reductions in waste, carbon emissions and demand for virgin materials
  • Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) assured supply chain for products sourced in the developing world
  • Reduction in packaging wastes
  • Reduction in transport emissions by ‘piggy backing’ on existing delivery routes