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Posted - 13th May 18

Hedgehog Awareness Week – May 2018


Photographs & text by David Keeble, ADCW Environment Team, & Catriona Beckles MVB MRCVS

This month is Hedgehog Awareness Week.

Hedgehogs remain one of Britain’s most well-loved wild animals but recent studies show their numbers are in decline. There is now a Hedgehog Awareness Week during May each year, so that we can report what are increasingly rare hedgehog sightings.

In years gone by, ‘Harry’ the hedgehog made regular appearances in and around the Aspire House car park at Aldershot. Harry was translocated on more than one occasion from below the wheels of our parked cars!

The partner of a member of our Aldershot team is a veterinary surgeon who has saved many hedgehogs in recent years and has shared some tips for safeguarding these amazing creatures, should you be lucky enough to spot one… find out more on the ADCW website

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