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Posted - 3rd November 16

Meeting the module makers

Rollalong visit November 2016

Representatives of Aspire Defence, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), Army Basing and Garrison Commanders visited Rollalong in November 2016, where they were briefed on the modular construction of soldiers’ single living accommodation.

Based in Dorset, Rollalong – an Aspire Defence Capital Works supply chain partner – is the South’s largest off-site design and build contractor with over 50 years’ experience in the delivery of bespoke and modular buildings.  Rollalong supplied 2,000 soldiers’ bedrooms under Project Allenby/Connaught (PAC) and will deliver many more to support the Army Basing Programme (ABP).

Tim Woodley, Managing Director of Rollalong, explained:

“Typically people hear ‘modular’ and they think of pre-fab buildings rather than an engineered product.  This visit was an opportunity to demonstrate that what we are delivering is a proper building; it’s engineered, precise and tightly controlled.  We’ve dramatically changed the standard of accommodation for soldiers and it gives us a great sense of pride.”

With the first Junior Ranks’ Single Living Accommodation (JRSLA) modules due to arrive at Larkhill Garrison at the end of November, the visit could not have been better timed.

Mark Duddy, ABP Programme Director, said:

“Previously I’ve just seen the end product but today I’ve learned how much engineering design and detail goes into these modules.  Seeing the physical modules coming into the factory has made it real in terms of how this project is going forward and Rollalong and Aspire Defence working so well together.  We’re just poised now for those first modules to arrive on site and that construction to begin.”

But what do our customers – the soldiers – think?

Col Steve Lawton, Tidworth Garrison Commander said:

“Design of living accommodation is absolutely critical to soldiers’ quality of life.  Providing them with quality living and recreational space is key to retention.  From the previous PAC contract we’ve had the JRSLAs for eight years and they’ve stood the test of time; what’s interesting to hear from this visit is that Rollalong has improved the design based on feedback, so the modules will be of an even higher standard and soldiers will continue to benefit.”

Modules at Rollalong

Completed single living accommodation modules ready for transportation to the garrisons

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