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Posted - 1st November 17

On your bike! ADCW staff travel in sustainable style

ADCW bikes

Staff working at Aspire’s Larkhill construction office are travelling in ‘sustainable style’ around the Garrison, thanks to a supply of office bikes.

Aspire Defence Capital Works (ADCW) has three site bikes available for employee use, enabling them to travel quickly and easily to and from the Army Basing Programme construction sites which are spread across the large Garrison.

In addition to the environmental benefits of cycling – reducing the amount of short car journeys and road traffic on the defence estate – the bikes promote and support the health and fitness of ADCW’s employees.

The bikes are ‘recycled’ and were supplied by the Trowbridge Bike Workshop, part of the Julian House charity which provides services including addiction recovery and housing support for people who could otherwise be homeless or in prison.  The social enterprise exists to create opportunities for vulnerable people to train, gain confidence and get a positive lift back into independence and employment, through building, repairing, servicing and selling bikes.

A safety brief was issued to all ADCW staff, to ensure that they remain safe whilst cycling, particularly in light of the increased traffic from construction and military vehicles on the Garrison road system.

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