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Posted - 16th February 19

Over 3,000 trees planted at Bulford

A replanting scheme is being delivered under the Army Basing Programme ‘Masterplan for Salisbury Plain’

To meet planning obligations of the Army Basing Programme (ABP) ‘Masterplan for Salisbury Plain, developed by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) in partnership with Wiltshire Council, DIO commissioned Aspire Defence Services Limited (ADSL) to plant 2.5 Hectares (Ha) of new woodland at Double Hedges in Bulford. The planting was carried out by ADSL subcontractor Gavin Jones Ltd over January and February.

The scheme comprises a mix of native broadleaved species starting life as 40-60cm high cell grown whips. The matrix of trees is specifically made up of:

  • 750 Aspen
  • 750 Common Alder
  • 160 Hornbeam
  • 440 Hazel
  • 310 Hawthorn
  • 160 Elder
  • 160 Privet
  • 310 Common Beech

The Aspen, Beech, Alder and Hornbeam have been placed in 1.2m standard tree tubes. The smaller shrubs – Privet, Hawthorn, Elder and Hazel – have been placed in 750mm shrub shelter tubes. Stakes are used to support growth.

Martin Steele, Tree Surveyor ADSL, said:

“These 3,040 trees and shrubs will make a new native woodland with larger climax species and a smaller understorey, which will enhance aesthetics and improve habitat and food for wildlife in the area.

“Projects like Double Hedges demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and our proactive approach to the upkeep and improvement of the 214Ha of woodland under the PAC contract (that’s 150 football pitches).”


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