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Posted - 10th July 18

Primary school success in national construction competition


Pupils from Larkhill Primary School are celebrating their artistic talents, after achieving second place in a national hoarding design-and-decoration competition.


A section of the hoarding designed and decorated by Larkhill Primary School.


The school announced runner-up in this year’s Ivor Goodsite competition, for the eleven painted hoarding panels which are currently on display at construction site for a new Medical & Dental Centre on Willoughby Road.

The brand new state-of-the-art healthcare facility is being delivered by Aspire Defence Capital Works (ADCW) for the Army Basing Programme (ABP).  Under ABP, around 4,000 extra troops and approximately 1,300 Service families will be based in the Salisbury Plain area, with the majority arriving in 2019.

The new Centre will accommodate Army Medical Healthcare, Army Dental Healthcare and NHS Health Service, enhancing healthcare provision for soldiers, their families and local NHS patients in and around Larkhill.

The primary school is adjacent to the construction site and the majority of its 250 pupils come from military homes.  ADCW and its contractor, Rydon Construction, therefore invited the children to take part, sponsored the competition entry fees and supplied all the materials.

Sasha Owen, Deputy Head, Larkhill Primary School, said:

“Our pupils enjoy working with the community and welcomed the chance to contribute to this exciting project.  [They] are very talented and have strengths in many areas of the curriculum. With the focus in education very much on achieving in academic subjects today, we feel it is important to give the children a broad and varied range of opportunities to express themselves and develop their creativity.”

The bright, colourful panels are now affixed to the hoardings at the site entrance, enhancing its appearance for passers-by and the wider community.  All pupils were involved in the project and came up with the theme ‘Local Environment’, which is captured through carefully painted scenes of nearby landmarks, such as Stonehenge, Woodhenge and Larkhill Church, and military vehicles.

One of the pupils, nine-year-old Rebecca, said:

“I liked painting the water on the boat best. I enjoyed helping to paint camouflage on the tank too, it was really nice that everyone helped each other.”

Camara, also aged nine, added:

“I am proud my drawing is up because I was able to draw a detailed picture on my own. The tricky part in my tree was drawing all the little wood cracks and the nest. The tree I drew was a blossom tree near the chickens.”

ADCW presented the runner-up trophy to the school during a special assembly on Tuesday 10 July.  The competition organisers also sent medals and goody bags for the children and a competition brochure will be produced to showcase all this year’s entries.

Paul Dempster, Managing Director, ADCW, said:

“I am delighted that through our ongoing commitment and engagement with the local community – and working hard to attract new people into the construction industry as an excellent place to work – the Ivor Goodsite initiative has provided an opportunity for children at Larkhill Primary School to use their artistic skills.  They have turned our hoardings into something special and should be really proud of what they have achieved as a team.’’

Paul Barber, South West Regional Director, Rydon Construction, added:

“[This was] a great opportunity to provide a stage for the creativity and talent of local pupils as we deliver a new Medical and Dental Centre to improve the quality of life for the Larkhill community. Site hoarding is also an important safety feature on construction sites, so it is good to emphasise this message and our industry to a younger audience.”

This creative project has enabled ADCW and Rydon Construction to build a very good relationship with the school, which is important because they are close neighbours and construction of the Medical & Dental Centre will be ongoing until 2020.  ADCW is continuing to work closely with the school to identify other support opportunities.

Photo: Larkhill Primary School children celebrate their competition success with (seated front, right) Mitch Cutler, Project Manager, ADCW and (behind) Paul Shillabeer, Project Manager for Rydon Construction

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