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Posted - 18th January 18

Wiltshire Council leader visits Aspire

Wiltshire Council visit - group

A special tour to view the progress on the Army Basing Programme (ABP) was arranged for Wiltshire Council leaders this week.

Baroness Scott of Bybrook, OBE, Leader of Wiltshire Council, was joined by local community representatives to view the progress on construction of facilities both inside and outside “the wire” to accommodate the arrival of Service personnel from Germany and other UK-based units to Wiltshire in 2019.

Wiltshire will be home to an additional 4,000 Service personnel and approximately 1,300 families by this time.

The council has worked closely with the Ministry of Defence (MOD), its estate management organisation – the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) – and partner agencies to ensure the right infrastructure, facilities and services will be in place for the arrival of Army personnel and their families.  MOD is investing over £1bn in Wiltshire under the ABP.

A total of 917 Service family homes are being provided in Ludgershall, Bulford and Larkhill and work is well underway on creating two new schools and expanding existing ones to accommodate pupils in need of places.

During the tour, Baroness Scott and Tidworth Area Board members were shown the construction of new facilities for the Army inside the wire at Perham Down garrison by Aspire Defence Capital Works.  There was also an opportunity to view the 322 homes on the Ashdown Estate near Tedworth House in Tidworth, which has been delivered under the ABP to address legacy shortfalls in the local area and provides an idea of how the new 917 homes will look.

Baroness Scott said:

“This was an excellent opportunity to see the progress on the building of homes and facilities for the Army Basing Programme.  The work is moving along fast and we look forward to continuing to work closely with our partners to ensure Wiltshire is ready to welcome Service personnel and benefit from the close association with the military.”

Major General Richard Wardlaw OBE, Director Basing and Infrastructure, said:

“We continue to enjoy close and collaborative relations with Wiltshire Council and the meeting with Baroness Scott and her team has been hugely successful.  It was extremely satisfying to showcase the progress that has been made over the last year with the ongoing delivery of construction works ‘behind the wire’ and ground works now underway for the provision of 917 houses, being delivered by our contractor Lovell, at three sites across Salisbury Plain Training Area.  I look forward to continuing our strong and valued relationship with Baroness Scott and her team at Wiltshire Council.”

Allan Thomson, Chief Executive of Aspire Defence Limited which is the company delivering new and improved single living and working accommodation on the garrisons, said:

“We were delighted to welcome Baroness Scott and her senior team to view construction works at Perham Down, where we have a number of key assets under construction including single living accommodation, regimental headquarters and sports facilities.  Our programme remains on track to deliver the infrastructure required for soldiers relocating to Salisbury Plain in 2019.”

Wiltshire Council visit

Baroness Scott, Leader of Wiltshire Council, at Perham Down with Allan Thomson, Chief Executive of Aspire Defence Limited, and Major General Richard Wardlaw OBE, Director Basing & Infrastructure


Notes to editors:

Service Families Accommodation is being provided in:

  • Ludgershall (242 houses)
  • Bulford (225 houses)
  • Larkhill (450 houses)
  • Tidworth – Riverbourne Fields (100 houses by purchase from market)
  • Tidworth – Ashdown Estate (322 houses)

Wiltshire Council is providing additional school places supported by a Section 106 contribution made by MOD.  Additional capacity comprises:

  • Ludgershall Primary School for 420 places (half funded by MOD) plus 30 early years (adjacent to the new SFA site)
  • Larkhill – transfer and expansion of St Michaels’s primary from Figheldean totalling 420 places of which MOD is funding 390 plus 60 early years (adjacent to the new SFA site)
  • Bulford Kiwi Primary expansion in 2016 (150 places)
  • AVC Secondary expansion (c. 270 places)
  • Wellington Academy expansion (around 100 places funded by MOD)

MOD also provided land for school build at Larkhill, Ludgershall and Wellington Academy.

MOD is gifting community land at Larkhill and Ludgershall in addition to making a community building available when Lovell leaves and it will be refurbished for such use.





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