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Posted - 12th April 18

ADCW celebrates another excellent CCS audit

Building on the success of its recent Considerate Constructor Scheme (CCS) audits at TidNBul Garrisons, Aspire Defence Capital Works (ADCW) is celebrating another top rating for its delivery at Larkhill.

The Project received a score of 45/50 – the highest ever at Larkhill –  and has received an ‘A1’ star rated performance.

The CCS audit was carried out on 22 March and the site achieved an exception rating, which means it scored 9 out of 10 in all five areas of the inspection: care about appearance, respect the community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety and value the workforce.

The aim of the CCS is to improve the image of construction through monitoring all registered sites, suggesting areas where improvements could be made and rewarding those who are performing at the highest levels.

The CCS inspector was hosted by Richard Tindal, Project Director Larkhill, Gee Shankar, Senior Environmental Advisor, and Tanya Mackie, Occupational Health Advisor.

The report stated:

Visits to this site are always a pleasure and one cannot fail but be impressed by the degree of commitment the contractor has to meeting the requirements of the code of considerate practice.

 The appearance of the site is of an exceptionally high standard and first impressions remain extremely positive. The site appears organised and professionally run and gives an extremely positive impression of the contractor and industry. The degree of community interaction has been exceptionally good, and the contractor continues to seek opportunities to engage with neighbours and those affected by the works wherever possible.

 It is evident the contractor continues to seek to protect and enhance the environment wherever possible. The degree of commitment to site safety and welfare is truly commendable with the contractor constantly looking for areas where improvements can be made.

 The reporting systems with regards to safety-related issues are exemplary and help to maintain focus on associated safety-related issues on site. The site welfare is exceptionally clean and hygienic and caters extremely well for a workforce of all ability and gender.

 All areas presented extremely well and gave a very positive impression … Very well done to the Project Director, his team and all those associated with the Project.



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