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Posted - 24th August 19

Key Capability: Construction Management

ADCW is a Construction Management business that provides its customers with a complete ‘concept through to construction’ capability. 

Starting with just an idea from our customer ADCW has the ability to work with our client to develop that idea and turn it into reality.

The stages and capability we can offer are as follows:



  • Initial discussions to understand Authority requirements
  • Meetings to develop potential ideas and concepts
  • Utilise Aspire’s detailed PAC estate knowledge & capability understanding
  • Idea and budget testing before starting feasibility study

Feasibility Study

  • Carry out a study to assess the various options to assist the Authority in its decision making process


  • Early design phases starting from Stage
  •  0 RIBA:
    • Concept
    • Development
    • Planning
    • Surveys
    • DPO stage
    • Management of all design phases
  • Higher design standards:
    • CTM
    • 12-Year Defect liability period
  • Ongoing design development collaboration with the Authority, often incorporating retrospective changes ✔ ✘


  • Management of Utilities design & construction
  • Programme planning to update the Programme to meet the Army’s changing requirements on the ground
  • Management of Rattle
  • Management of ongoing planning requirements e.g. Contamination and Spoil disposal
  • Management of all Asbestos and contamination issues
  • Numerous reporting into all levels of DIO
  • Support to DIO at their meetings
  • Liaising with Army planning to assist in unit moves etc.


  • Selecting suitable Tier 1 and Tier 2 potential subcontractors
  • Preparation of subcontractor tenders
  • Issuing and managing subcontractor tender processes


  • Set up and management of all Quality and HSE policies and procedures
  • Groundworks and Utilities management
  • On site construction management and supervision
  • Subcontract commercial management
  • Full fit-out of all fixtures, furniture and equipment

ADCW's Key Capabilities

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