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Posted - 23rd November 17

Aspire Defence Services Ltd Meets the Challenge for Alabaré

Aspire Defence Services Limited (ADSL) is a committed supporter of Alabaré Homes for Veterans, a Salisbury based charity which works to support former Service men and women.

It costs Alabaré £1,696 per month to house and support a Veteran and although there is some support in the form of government benefits and from other military charities, this still leaves a shortfall of £644 per Veteran.

ADSL aims to provide practical support to Alabaré through fundraising and offering employability support and recently ADSL teams took on two challenges on behalf of Alabaré to raise money and to raise awareness.

In the first challenge at the beginning of October an Aspire team, ran the Salisbury half marathon with team supporters and crowds of residents turning out in the drizzle to cheer on the runners.

This was followed up in mid-October by participation in the Big Sleep at Stonehenge, an event which raises awareness of homelessness and raises funds through sponsorship.

The weather was kind on the night of the Big Sleep and Susan Thornton, Garrison Facilities Director for Aspire Defence Services at Larkhill and Warminster said,

‘The conditions on the night in no way reflected the true and harsh reality of homelessness in the UK and as the team headed home in the morning for hot baths and a weekend nap, they were very glad they didn’t have to do it on a nightly basis. It certainly was a sobering experience’.

The team have raised £2,500 in sponsorship for these two events and this has been matched by ADSL so that a cheque for £5,000 will be presented to Alabaré.

Alabare website


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