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Posted - 30th November 16

Accommodation lands at Larkhill

Module landing at Larkhill

The construction programme being delivered by Aspire Defence Capital Works (ADCW) to support the Army Basing Programme (ABP) has reached a key milestone.

The first of 1,640 single living accommodation modules manufactured by Dorset-based company Rollalong for Aspire Defence was delivered to Larkhill Garrison on 28 November.

Following the announcement last month by the Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon that over £1.1 billion will be invested in creating new accommodation and facilities on Salisbury Plain and Aldershot, ABP construction activity is now well underway.

Under Project Allenby/Connaught (PAC), Rollalong has previously delivered 2,000 soldiers’ bedrooms; for ABP, Rollalong will deliver additional accommodation modules comprising 57 buildings across PAC.  The modular buildings are precisely engineered products manufactured to an exceedingly high standard, which have stood the test of time under PAC to date and received very positive feedback from the Army.

The new infrastructure will support forces returning from Germany under the Army Basing Programme, which was set up to deliver Army 2020 as part of the Government’s 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) commitments.

Mark Duddy, ABP Programme Director, said:

“Following the announcement by the Defence Secretary at the start of November, it’s really exciting to see such quick construction progress across the Garrisons.  I look forward to continuing our strong and collaborative partnership with Aspire and delivering first class accommodation and facilities for our Service personnel.”

ADCW will complete its construction programme by 2020, meaning all British Army units based in Germany can return to the UK by then, resulting in savings of up to £240 million per year by 2022/23.

Modules at Rollalong

Completed single living accommodation modules ready for transportation to the garrisons

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