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Posted - 4th November 16

Devizes MP lays foundation stone for soldiers’ accommodation

Devizes MP visits Larkhill (Oct 2017)

Claire Perry, MP for Devizes, was invited to Larkhill Garrison to help Aspire Defence lay the foundations for the British Army’s future on Salisbury Plain.

Mrs Perry met with representatives of the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), the Army and Aspire Defence on 4 November 2016 to attend a briefing on the Army Basing Programme (ABP).

The MP said:

“This visit was an excellent opportunity to view – and appreciate – the scale of works currently underway to prepare a new home for soldiers resettling here.  I was especially pleased to hear about the benefits Army Basing will bring for communities and my constituents, from long-term jobs and investment in the local supply chain to new education and health facilities.”

During her visit, Mrs Perry laid the foundation block for one of the first JRSLAs (Junior Ranks’ Single Living Accommodation).

Jeremy Parker, DIO Requirements Manager – who oversees the works at Larkhill Garrison for the MOD, said:

“As Army Basing progresses it is important that we liaise closely with external partners – including local government – to ensure that the positive impact of the PAC contract is recognised and maximised.  It was therefore very useful to meet with Mrs Perry and provide an update on our current and future planning.”

Allan Thomson, Chief Executive of Aspire Defence, added:

“We are delighted to be embarking on a new phase of development under ABP, which gives us an opportunity to consolidate a successful decade of making soldiers’ lives better through provision of first-rate living and working accommodation.  We were very pleased to invite Mrs Perry on site, to explain the wider benefits of the contract and demonstrate our progress.”

Photo (left to right): Paul Dempster (Managing Director, Aspire Defence Capital Works), Jeremy Parker (Senior Requirements Manager, DIO), Allan Thomson (Chief Executive, Aspire Defence Limited) and Claire Perry MP.

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