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Posted - 4th June 18

First sports pitch delivered for Army Basing Programme


An all-weather pitch is one of the assets being delivered at Perham Down, Wiltshire, to help soldiers live, work and train in the best possible environment

Soldiers at Perham Down are benefitting from a new sports facility, which has been delivered by Aspire Defence for the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Army Basing Programme (ABP).

The ABP is a joint Army and Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) programme, which is providing the facilities the British Army needs to live, work and train in the UK as it returns from Germany, rebases across the UK and restructures to its future Army 2020 formations.

Providing quality physical training facilities supports the Army’s commitment to training and sport.  Alongside sports facilities, the ABP will also deliver modern, purpose-built single living and working accommodation for soldiers, from dining facilities and offices to vehicle garaging, stores and technical buildings.

The new pitch was constructed by Aspire Defence Capital Works (ADCW) and is just one of many essential assets being delivered at Perham Down.  A Regimental Headquarters, several Junior Ranks’ Single Living Accommodation (SLA) blocks and an Officers’ SLA block have already been handed over.  An Officers’ Mess and gym are currently under construction.

Rhod McGregor, Project Director TidNBul (ADCW), said:

“We’re very pleased to hand over this pitch as part of our wider delivery of ABP infrastructure at Perham Down.  We continue to maintain an efficient pace of build progress across all our construction sites, to ensure we deliver the right assets at the right time for the Army.”

All ABP infrastructure across SPTA and at Aldershot is being delivered under Aspire Defence’s 35-year Project Allenby/Connaught (PAC) contract, held with the MOD since 2006.

Mark Duddy, ABP Programme Director, said:

“As we near peak ABP construction phase this summer, we’re delighted with the high standard of accommodation being delivered for soldiers across SPTA.  The ABP is delivering real and lasting improvements across the defence estate, ensuring that British soldiers live, work and train in the best possible environments.”


Photo caption: New assets delivered at Perham Down for the Army Basing Programme.  Top row: sports pitch. Bottom row: (left) Junior Ranks’ Single Living Accommodation and (right) Regimental Headquarters.


Notes for editors:

  1. The Army Basing Programme (ABP) is a joint Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and Army programme set up to implement the Regular Army Basing Plan announced by the Secretary of State for Defence in March 2013.  It will provide the facilities the Army needs to live, work and train in the UK as it returns from Germany, rebases across the UK and restructures to its future Army 2020 formations.
  2. DIO is part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD).  It is responsible for managing and maintaining land and properties, as well as providing related support services, to meet the current and future needs of the MOD and personnel at home and abroad, and to support current operations.
  3. Aspire Defence is improving living and working environments for British soldiers through provision of modern, high-quality, fully-serviced and purpose-built accommodation in Aldershot and across Salisbury Plain, under the 35-year Project Allenby/Connaught contract (PAC).  PAC is one of the largest infrastructure PFIs (Private Finance Initiative) ever let by the MOD.
  4. Aspire Defence is comprised of three entities – Aspire Defence Limited (ADL), Aspire Defence Capital Works (ADCW) and Aspire Defence Services Limited (ADSL).  ADL holds the contract with the MOD and is owned by three shareholders – KBR (45%) and funds managed by Innisfree (37.5%) and InfraRed (17.5%).  ADL sub-contracts to ADCW, which is delivering the construction to support the Army Basing Programme, and ADSL, responsible for a comprehensive range of facilities management services delivered over the 35 years of the contract to 2041.
  5. ADCW and ADSL are owned by KBR.

Notes End/

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